Bungee - Best Freend

Meetin Ma Dug

A mind the day a got ma first dug. He wiz a bonnie wee thing.

A remember me, ma brer, ma Da and ma Maw gaun up tae this lassie's hoose. We aw went in and she sat us doon. She asked ma Maw if she wanted a cuppa. Ma Maw answered, 'Aye', then the lass went away tae mak it. A wis tae busy playin wae aw the dugs. It wiz grand. Ma Maw said we were only allood tae pick wan. So me and ma brither were throwin the baw so that the dugs went tae fetch it. Ma Maw wis cheesin and went over tae talk tae ma Da.

After a while, the lass asked whit dug we aw wanted. Ma Maw looked at me and went, 'We'll tak the broon wan. He's awfie smooth.'

She wis chuffed tae that she had a new dug. We took him hame and we aw cawed him Scotia.

Fir the first few months we had tae keep him in a wee box wae metal bars. We werenae allood tae tak him on walks. He's aw grown up noo. He's still awfie braw. His saft short blond coat is jist fair bonnie. His wee tail aye sways fae side tae side whin he walks.
Aw, Ah jist love ma dug. He means the warld tae me.

by Isla Roy
(Kirkcaldy High School)
 A Horse in a Million

A mind the day whin A walked intae ma yard and saw ma first pony. There he wiz staunin in his stable. He wiz cried Jasper. A was so excited and happy because A could see us going far thegither.

When a got in the car at the hoose, A thought ma Mam and Dad were no acting their relaxed usual sels but a couldnae figure it oot. But when we got tae the yard, everything made sense.

A mind whin a first went intae his stable, a thought he was a bonnie lad. A was an extremely lucky lassie tae own him. He was a belter!

Whin a started tae get tae ken him, a foond oot that he bowed, he wid gie ye a hoof if ye stood at his shooder. He wid also gie ye a kiss, but he had tae get rewarded if he did it. He was a clever wee boy. A could spend ages grooming him and spend great quality time wi him and getting tae know him better. A would love tae have a great bond wee him and for him tae trust me straight awa but a know that things like that take time and muckle effort.

It wis the first day a got on him and rode him. He wisnae very guid because he was still a bit wary o us because we were aw still strangers tae him. But as time passed he started tae relax and calm doon a little bit more.

Whin everything came together he was like a different pony. Whin a took him o'er a jump, it felt like he could jump o'er the moon, if he wanted tae.

by Tammy Higgins
(Kirkcaldy High School)
Ma Deid Dug

A mind the day like it wiz yesterday. It felt like it wiz just a dream, but it wizny. It wiz real.

That day, A woke up tae fin ma dug no weel. Naw his self like. It wiz as if he'd lost his spirit. It wiz hertbreaking.

Ma Maw and Da could see it wiz serious. A dinny hink A'll ever forget it, when A didnae see him come oot that car. He wiz ma best pal, so he wiz. Losin him felt like A hid lost masel, tay.

Everyday A hink o him. Everyday A close ma eyes and hink he's wee me like he's still here. Bit ah course reality kicks in and A'm aw masel again wioot ma best pal there right beside me bit he's weill, even if he's no in real life.

He'll live forever in ma hert where he'll always be. The years may go but it will never change. A'll never forgit ye and whan the time's right we'll meet again and whan that time comes A'll never leave ye or ever say guidbye again wioot sayin A love ye . A lang wee ma hert tae get ma best pal back. Yi'll always be ma best pal.

by Megan Lindsay
(Kirkcaldy High School)
A boy and his dug

Ah kin still min the diy ma doag died.

It wisnae a guid diy at aw. It happened in the Easter term.

Ma doag's nime wis Sally and the vet said she wis seek wae cancer. She 'ad a smaw tumour on 'er stomach. It grew tae the size o a pear though. She wis said tae live fur only a couple more months and sure enough, she did.

Shay wis a big collie wae a big hert. Sally lived tae the age o seven and ah wis eight. It's crazy tae hink it wis five year ago as ah still feel the pain when ah think oan it.

Ah can mine as clear as diy when my Da cairried her over tae the gairden, claspin her ticht in his airms. She wis ma Da's favourite. She wis his wee girl.

Cannae believe hoo such a lang time can gae sae fast. Shay's death hid an actual impact on ma skill wark tae.

Shay wis jist a delight. She wis wan o the bonniest doags a've ever seen. She 'ad a bonnie face wae a white stripe runnin doon 'er nose and rare glistenin een. Shay also adored a cuddle and she especially loved a scratch behin the lug.

Ah jist hope Shay didnae suffer wae her pain. It wis jist a shame hoo Shay died sae young.

Experiencin this sad event wis sair but it hus ah guess made me stroanger.

by Scott Leggat
(Kirkcaldy High School)
 Felix's Fate

A min the day when ma wee cat Felix got proper belted by a speeding car. It cam whizzin doon the road and he never stood a chance. The driver completely went o'er the speed limit and bashed intae him and it wis din in pitch black.

We rushed him tae the vets but it wis awfy.

When A went aff tae school, A wis worryin so much. Ma heid wis bangin. A telt everyone and maist ae them felt sad for me. The worst hing wis that ma cat's brither wis oot wi him when he got bashed. I also min that ma dad telt me aboot whit injuries he had got. A wis richt shocked. He had a hip dysplasia and loads o shattered banes, and a lot o his wee vertebrae wur broken. Everything wis bad and A wis greetin, even ma whole faimly wis greetin.

The vets explained other details A could unnerstaun tae ma Dad. They decided tae keep him in, while he wis still unner anaesthetic, but then his hertbeat stopped and he went intae cardiac arrest. They couldnae get his hert tae start back up and he died. He wis only yin year auld then. A still mind the guid times we hud, like when he chased ma feet, slept on ma bed wi me, played wi his brer on the cat tree. Onywey it's been twa year since then and A still miss him loads. RIP Felix.

by Gavin Cook
(Kirkcaldy High School)