Maidens - Day in the Country

Day in the Country by Marion Stewart (Keith Grammar School)

(Marion is standin aside the tree. Fiona waks on and stands aside the tree wi Marion.)

Marion: Aye aye.

Fiona: Aye aye. Fit lik?

Marion: Nae bad. You?

Fiona: Just chavin awa.

Marion: Fit's the plans?

Fiona: Dinna ken.

(Richard enters.)

Richard: Aye aye quines. Fou you gettin oan?

Fiona: Nae wye. Dinna ken fit ta dee.

Richard: Fou aboot deein somein wee the tree?

Marion: Aye. Deein fit?

Fiona: Fou aboot pittin up a puckle o swings?

Richard: That sound craicin.

Marion: I'll ging awa an git some tou fae the kert.

(Marion waks aff and gangs ta get the rope.)

Richard: File your sis gings awa ta fetch the tou, you can ging an gither the sticks tae tidy up the place a bitty.

Fiona: Och aye, will dee. You bin roon the sheep the day?

(Fiona collects some and pits them in a pile.)

Richard: Nae yet, but I'll dee it fan your sis comes back.

(Marion waks back on stage.)

Marion: Oi Fi, is this the tou you were wintin?

Fiona: Aye. That’s fit I wiz wintin.

Marion: Fou much o it are you wintin tae use?

Fiona: Just gee us it an we can pit back fit we dinna use.

Richard: Quines, is it aright if I ging roon the sheep noo? If you need onythin gee your mither a shout. Winna be lang.

Marion and Fiona: That's aright. See you fan you git back.

(Richard waks aff.)

Fiona: Hiv we still got the tyre ahin the tree fae the other day?

(Marion picks up the tyre.)

Marion: Aye. It is still there. Fit you wintin ta dee wee it?

Fiona: I thought we could hing it up wi the tou an use it as a swing.

Marion: Aye.

Fiona: Oi you wintin tae dee that?

Marion: I thought that we could git the hyow an tie the piece o tou ta it, then bung it ower. Tie it fae there. See far we git fae there.

Fiona: Aye let’s gi it a go.

Marion: Dee ye wint me ta tie the tou onta the hyow an you can gi it a go ta bung it ower the branch.

Fiona: Aye. That wid be fine.

(Marion picks up the hyow (hoe) and the rope and ties them baith thegither.)

Marion: There ye go. Noo bung it ower the branch an see fou that goes.

(Fiona flings the hyow and piece o rope ower the branch a wheen times.)

Fiona: Aye. Let’s gee it a go.

Marion: I dinna think this is gan ta work. De ye?

Fiona: Nah, but will I gee it anither go?

Marion: Aye.

(Fiona flings it ower een last time.)

Marion: It's nae gan ta work. Let’s try anither stratigy. Fit de ye think?

Fiona: Yeah. We need tae think o sumhin. Fou aboot you clim up the tree wee the tou an you hing it ower, tie a knag in it, an clim back doon the tree. Then I’ll hud the tyre and you tie a knag ta hud the tyre up.

Marion: Aye that sounds lik a wecht plan. Let's gee it a go.

Fiona: You ken if oor mither sees us she’ll hay baith o oor guts for garters. (Marion climbs the tree wi the rope in hand gets to the tap, ties rope t the tree wi a knot.)

Marion: Aye I ken.

(Marion is climbin back doon and they hear a crackin soond.)

Marion: I hink the branch is gan ta brak.

Fiona: I hink ye’ll be aright. Your na that hivy.

Marion: Fi, can you ging awa ta fetch the lether oot o the mill.

Fiona: A’ll dee that. A’ll be back seen.

Marion: Thanks. I dinna be plannin ta move fae here onytime seen.

(Marion staps climbin down. Fiona runs aff ta get a lether (ladder). Marion bides still.)

Marion: (yells) Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Help!

(The tree branch that Marion wis sittin on has snapped. Marion is lyin on the fleer. Fiona runs in quickly wi the lether, she sees Marion lyin on the fleer, draps the lether and runs towards her.)

Fiona: Are ye aright?

(Marion is greetin.)

Marion: I think I ‘ve broken somehin. Ma back, ma leg an ma erm hurts.

Fiona: Okay, am gan ta pit you on ta your back.

Marion: Aright, bit be canny.

(Fiona turns Marion onta her back.)

Fiona: You aright if I ging an run ta git mither an tell her fit happened?

Marion: Aye.

(Fiona runs aff ta get her mither. Marion is aye greetin. Fiona and Vivien run back on.)

Vivien: Fit hiz happened?

Fiona: Oor plan wiz ta mak a new swing an the plan didna quite ging ta plan. We didna ken that the branch wiz that weik an it snaped wi Marion oan it. I turnt her oan ta her back an she says she hiz hurt her leg, back an erm.

Vivien: Aright, it’ll be best ta leave her an ring fer the ambulance.

(Fiona runs aff and gangs ta ca the ambulance for help. Vivien sits wi Marion.)

Vivien: You’ll be aright, the ambulance is comin.

Marion: Mum will a be aright?

Vivien: Aye, ye’ll be aright. I hink that ye hiv broken yer leg an erm and hope yer back is fine.

(Richard runs in ta see if Marion is okay.)

Vivien: Aye she will be aright. I hink that she hiz broken her leg an erm an hope her back is fine.

Richard: Aright. A’ll grab the quad an heed doon the road ta watch for the ambulance.

(Richard runs aff ta get the quadbike and watch for the ambulance. Fiona runs back on.)

Fiona: They’ll be here in a mintie.

(Fiona sits doon aside Marion and hads her hand.)

Fiona: Sis, ye’ll be aright, a’ll be wi ye.

Vivien: I hear the ambulance. Marion, yer in safe hands noo.

(Richard and the ambulance crew enter.)