Dugs and Yeel - Dugs and Pewlies

A Boy, A Dug and the Midgies

Me and ma dug, we went doon the braes,
“Take the dug for a walk” wiz whit ma maw said.

So oan we went me and the dug
Headin towards a big Scottish bog.

When aw a sudden, ah got bit oan ma heid,
Ah slapped it mate, ah kilt it deid.
But that wisnae the end, they were oot fur a feed.

Ah looked at ma dug – he used to be white,
Bit noo he wiz black, black as the night.

Sookin ma blood and stuck in ma hair,
Sleekit midgies were everywhere,
Munchin ma dug and eatin ma lugs!

We ran hame tae maw and nae dilly dally
She said “Whit’s wrang wi you – yer peely wally?”

“Ah got bit oan the heid – and the dug did as well.”
“Ye want yer dug walked – well, walk it yersel!”

by Christopher Murray
(Bellshill Academy)

Scots poem

Hakin alang in the park one day
Weel watching the doggie frolic an play
Over the birn and dubs and trees
A white fluffy shape stuck tight on its knees
As I cam closer it started to fleigh
Knapdarlochs rattlin an een leg aa scewt
The ewe's wool was strushel it's leg fairly broken
I didnae think it wid survive the night loomin

by Anna Close
(Banff Academy)


This is the story aboot Cooper,
Ma wee, curly haired broon dug,
Half Lhasa Apso an’ half poodle
But am gled no a snufflin’ wee pug.

Cooper’s no awfy fond o’ the postman
An’ the windae cleaner’s got nae chance,
He wance goat him by the ankle,
And led him a wee Scottish dance.

by Lennon Fowler
(Bellshill Academy)

The Skirley

Een fine morn, doon at tae harbour
Een skirley hid been shadowed
Bidin fae aa the deid man's worst,
A pewlie burst.
The pewlies uggit the skirley so viry
Much that it moved up tae the
surface aat sic as it runkild oo on tap
I the great blue a skurry flew bi and
had I needed the loo!

by Jasmine Cook
(Banff Academy)