Bungee - Scotland

Scotland Ma Hame

Tae me Edinburgh is the brawest place in Scotland.

Jist tae hink aboot aw them monuments and aw the scenery that is there is jist fantastic!

Edinburgh for me is the best Capital city in the warld. A love the atmosphere and the musical instruments ye hear bein played hae tae be the best in the warld.

The tap things aboot Edinburgh is Christmas and New Year. Aw the Christmas lichts and Winter Wonderland are jist amazin. Mair than five thoosand folk a day gae tae Winter Wonderland. It's jist magical. Me, ma maw and wee sister gan every year.

Also in Auld Reekie the shoppin's pure wicked anaw. It's jist the best place in the warld.

by Ben Bloomfield
(Kirkcaldy High School)

 The Lang Toun

In ma opinion, Kirkcaldy is wan o the bist places in Scotland. It has its ups, alang wi its doons.

Kirkcaldy has so mony guid places tae look at, like The Beveridge Park - ma favourite. It his a lang High Street foo o shops and restaurants, even grand tourist attractions. There are mony guid events thit happen in Kirkcaldy tae, includin The Links Market and the tiny fermers' market which is foond ootside the toon hoose. It's got an amazin high school wi a big astroturf pitch tae, whaur mony bairns can enjoy daein sports oan. We hae a huge Retail Park tae, tae get yer shoppin done.

One o its doons hooever is the litter dropped by aw the people thit are ower lazy tae pit thir rubbish in the bin.

Apairt fae that, Kirkcaldy is a wonderful place and A am happy tae caw it "hame".

by Thomas Foy
(Kirkcaldy High School)

Tae me, Pitlochry is the brawest place in Scotland. A aways go there wi ma family. We maist aften stay in a caravan. Sadly we cannae bring oor dog but there's loads ae things tae do. Ye could go tae the pool and there are loads ae waterfalls tae walk by and see.

Ma favourite thing we have done in Pitlochry is watchin the Enchanted Forest licht show - it's so bonnie. There are loads ae hotels tae stay in, some near the toon centre. Pitlochry's in the country sae there are some braw animals tae see and aw. Ye willnae waant tae leave. There are guid walks ye can do and guid sichts tae see, tae.

by Zoe Wilson
(Kirkcaldy High School)
The Hieland Dancer

It wis a sinny mornin an a Heiland dancer ca’ed Euna wis gittin reidy fir a competeetion that efterneen. Shae wis weirin a reid kilt, fite overall an a reid jaicket. Heir gowden broon herr wis tied up in a ticht bun. Shae hid denner an aff shae gaed tae the Heilands.

Shae arrived at the competeetion. Shae wis affa nervish bit kent shae wud dee hir best. It wis hir turn tae gae up on stage tae birl. Shae sterted aff really wull bit suddentile whill shae wis jiggin, shae plat baud an bracke hir leg wi a lood dunt tae the grun.

Shae wis rushed tae hoaspital tae chack up on hir shank. The doacter came back wi hir ootcome an it wis nae guid news. Shae is nae alood tae birl again. Shae wis really whummled tae gie ower hir favourite habbie.

Aifter shae recovered shae wantined tae fin anither habbie an thocht o bummle. Hir best freend bummles an shae signed up tae Stagestars bummle clesses. Hir first day wint weel an the instructor wis an affa guid chiel. Shae thocht shae wis nae as guid at bummlin lik the rist o thaim. Shae thocht it wid be best tae fin anither habbie.

Sittin on a sweeng an thinkin o hir nixt habbie, fit if shae tried poetry. Shae gat sterted on hir poem. That eenin shae manished tae feenish hir pome an shae ingaed it in the Ian Middleton competeetion. A fyow meenets later an the winners were kythed bit shae nivver gat oniethin. Shae decided tae tri sumhin ense.

Shae wis sittin wi hir familie watchin the fiddlers. That gied hir an idia. Shae wid play the fiddle. Shae wint tae fiddle lessons bit shae cudnae stap skreekin. Shae thocht it wisnae fir hir.

Shae wis in the caur hearken tae music an shae wis thinkin aboot hir nixt habbie. Shae wis aboot tae gie ower whan shae hearkened the soond o pipes. Shae wint tae the Strathisla pipe baund. Shae really enjoyed it an gaed tae competeetion an wan a fyow trophy. Shae gies tae pipe baund ootins ana.

The moral o this story is tae niver gie up an if things dinnae wirk oot, jist kep tryin ye wull suin geit there!

by Heidi Wilson
(Keith Grammar School)