Watergaw - Then and noo

Then and noo

Ma mither ay says “in ma day…”,
There wis this, that, an the ither,
Ma mither ay says “fan I wis young…”,
Bit I just began tae wander,
Wis it a that great and wonderful,
Or wis it just a bleeter?

Fan she wis a quine she watched,
Play schuil, He-man and Grange Hill,
Her tv ay finished at five o’clock just afore supper,
But I’ve got channel a day lang,
An can waatch him o’er an o’er,

At schuil she hid a chalk board,
Nae computer o her ain,
At playtime she got milk in a bag wi a blue straw that wis still warm,
She played skipping on hopscotch an British bulldog afore it got banned,
Nae bidy waatched o’er them in the playgrun they could be trusted,

Fan I’m at schuil I get smartboards,
The world wide web at ma finger tips,
I can spik tae somebidy in Germany wi a click o a button,
I’ve got facebook, snapchat an Instagram,
A kins o social media to interact,
But ma mither aften asks fits wrang wi face tae face?

Ma mither aften reminded me,
Fan I used tae play auld records fan I wis wee,
Noo ye can plug in a USB stick or doonload aff the internet,
Aye time changes things it's richt enough,
Bit ane thing fur sure,
The love atween a family'll still niver growe auld farrant.

by Heidi and Isla Wilson
(Keith Grammar School)