Watergaw - Far Shaddas Lurk

Far Shaddas Lurk

Loosome lang locks floating effortlessly ahin ih’ bonnie smile,
O’ a braw woman. Sweeming richt across the fleer o’ ih’ ocean,
Claikin’ wi ither creatures o’ the sea, Selkies, Nessie, Kelpies,
Monster or legend?

Tribal. Tidal. Tail spreadin’, shinin’, soaring past ancient cities,
Far some ca’ hame. Approaching a rock, far she’d comb her hair,
Smilin’ fae east tae west, singin’. On her ain. Chanting.
Freedom tae explore the many stories, the secrets the sea has tae tell

History buried under ih’ weight o’ ih’ ocean, deid.
Purification simmerin’ wi’ stew fae ih’ faain biggins
Some eesed tae admire.
Crushed intae dust. Ah cities turn intae dust.

Fishermen. Deils. Ih real sharks o’ ih water.
Fleggit by ivry net, feert sh’ gits caught.
Sweemin’ sleekit tae steer awa fae death.
Death aroon ivry crannie.

Corpses, sleepin’ on ih’ sea bed,
How lang afore skin becomes bane?
How lang afore bane becomes dust?
Fan abidys’ bodies are left, wi naebidy tae

Put doon floors. Harsh reality. And the wife’s
Looking intae ih’ future, picturing ih’ world they cwid be left wi,
Fan ah humans are deid and their culture is ih’ only thing left.
Ih’ monsters.

by Gianna Thain

(Buckie High School)