Watergaw - Honesty


I see ye there,
in front o me,
yer face, yer een, yer hauns.

I hear ye talk,
i hear ye tell,
yer hope, yer lees, yer dwaums.

I walked wi ye,
a sunlit peth,
thegither haun in haun.

Then gloaman cam,
and ye were gane,
and noo alane i staun.

The wids are cauld,
the trees are bleck,
the daurk is closin in.

And you hiv gone,
awa fae me,
yer faultless licht has dimmed.

Betrayal is a toom space,
raw nicht, cauld room, alane,
and naebdy can redeem your face,
sweet knicht, safe licht, yer gone.

by Rebekah Freeman
(Banff Academy)