Bungee - Chicagof Island


A mind the time whin ma Maw wis dain a bungee jump for charity. A went tae watch 'er, but as soon is a got oot the car, ma Maw's pal Emma who was practically running it, came up tae me sayin that ma uncle had backed oot at the last minute. She looked right at me and asked, 'Dae you want tae dae it, son?'

Ma hert sunk but a said, 'Aye' cos a didny want tae deek trash.

Whin a put ma harness and aw that on, there wis a video eh 'er folk daein it. That didny really help as it made me mair feart. But it wisnae just me that was feart - awbudy wiz feart. There must've been aboot 20 eh us. We got on the wee minibus and want tae the bridge, whir a wiz gonnae jump aff eh. We then goat split intae twa groups, tae go on tae the launch pad hingy. A wis in the second group and a wis tae jump last.

Awbudy in the first group jumped - they said it wis barry. They wurnae gonnae say it wis scary or a wisny gonnae dae it.

Ma group went up tae the launch pad - it wis really high up. Lukin doon made me feel aw shoogily. This wis whin the fear and the butterflies really startit kickin in. A wis first tae jump, cos a wis the lightest and the cord a used wis awready pit on. A mind a got ma wee harness hing oan that went aroond me. Ma feet were then pit in the cord. A walked tae the edge.

The man wis mindin me whit tae dae. 'Bug swandive. When ur done, we'll drop a rope fir ye tae clip it tae the harness on yer belly. Wave tae awbudy watchin ye!'

A looked doon and waved. Then he went '3...2...1. Jump!'

A jampt but it was mair like a faw cos a wis a wee bit feart. A wis dain a free faw fir jist a few seconds and then a boonced back up. Then a wis jist danglin fir a couple o seconds. In the end, they drapped the rope, then pulled me back up. Whit a day!

by Adrian Grubb
(Kirkcaldy High School)

 T in the Park

A mind the day A went tae T in the Park fir the first time. The year wiz 2016. A had a baw. It wiz pure amazin.

A woke up in the mornin, buzzin, raced doon the stair tae git ma breakfast. The breakfast tasted rare, tae. The excitement A felt wis jist brill. Next we aw heided doon tae the bus. Me, ma Maw and her boyfriend, Ryan, wur aw gaun. A wis pure singin sangs by aw the bands oan the bus. A luvved the Stone Roses, Alessia Cara and Catfish and the Bottlemen.

A couldnae get over the atmosphere ae aw the people whin we git there. Aw the people were so nice. There wis a few nut cases, steamin oot their nut. Hefty embarrassment!

The first hing A did when A got in the place wis go oan aw the rides. There wis still some oors tae go til the first act came oan, so A spent some time jist lookin aboot, gettin ma face painted and aw that.

The first act wis Alessia Cara. She's a wee lassie fae Canada and she's fair bonnie. Her sangs gie me the chills. Her voice is hinnie sweet. The last act wis the Stone Roses, ma favourite band. A've been brocht up wae their tunes. A felt fair emotional when A heard them sing. They were the best group A heard. A wis pure jumpin aboot.

Best day ever.

by Darcie Lamb
(Kirkcaldy High School)

Chicagof Island

Wan sunny day in Chicagof Island, Alaska, Billy n his twa wains, Gabe n Bear, ur preparing tae go intae the unkent for a couple a days tae see whit it’s like but will they regret goin?

Et hauf sivin, the trio set aff in tae the wids leein their wife and maither et hame. Hunting wis in their blood, it pumped through them and the generations o family afore them. Their family tree was firmly rooted in the deep, dark forest but their plan was to go further than ever before. They felt brave and gallus. They’d heard warnings but they didnae listen to auld wifey tales. They wanted to see the wilderness for themselves and go exploring like their grandas afore them.

When they got there, they were running oot a daylight n immediately they sterted making shelter until they came across a wee miner’s cabin. Sumdy had been here afore. Unchartered territory this wasnae, but whit had occurred and where was the wee miner noo?

The wee jimmies settled doon for the nicht. Aboot hauf midnight, a horrific roar came fae outside the cabin. They froze. Whit wis that? Thoughts ran through their minds. Frozen to the spot, they keeked at each other’s expression. Sheer fear. Aboot another five howls flooded the air aroon them. Whit wis it? Then came banging on the side a the cabin. Aww Naw!

This wis nae bear or moose! The boys sneaked oot o bed and grabbed their riffles n ran oot tae fin five muckle beasts roarin in their coupons. They were aboot sivin fit tall and as roon as Santa Clause, the pie eater. Their teeth wur razor sharp, pointy like a spear. Yin a beasts grabbed yin of the rifles fae Bear and cam richt up close n shawed his big, hairy coupon. They had grey fur and gave another screeching yell. They seemed tae use growls to communicate n this made the trio terrified along wae many ither wurds. Suddenly wan a the beasts went intae the cabin and mare follied. As the beasts were distracted, the trio seized their chance tae escape, taking their guns wae thaim. Thay bolted fur aboot hauf a mile wi' th' beasts oan thair stoory. Thay climbed up a tree. Thankfully th' beasts didny see thaim n thay staun below th' tree n sterted lukin aroon thaim fur a few minutes. Then yin o' thaim stairted sniffing n git a scent 'n' follaed it 'n' climbed up th' tree o'er fae th' trio. Th' pressure wis oan. Howfur wid thay escape? Howfur cuid thay survive?
Billy saw his chance 'n' jumpt doon fae th' tree, injuring his-sel oan th' ground below. Th' twa wee jimmies, younger 'n' mair agile, did th' identical, jumping tae thair saftey awa' fae th' remaining beast. It roared 'n' protested bit 'twas tae huge tae shift oot o' tis position afore th' trio made a run fur it, th' wee jimmies cairrying thair faither fur support in a co-cairry.

Whin thay returned hame, thay thanked thair lucky stars and realised how jammy they had been. Hee haw cuid mak thaim gang intae th' woods again. Explorers thay wurnae!

by Ben McClelland
(Ayr Academy)