Bungee - Faimly

Dear Faither

Dear Faither,
Aw faither, what have ye done noo? I’m stuck in 2012. T’was ainly supposed to be a peep but noo am stuck here! A cannae believe it though a mean, ah’m in the future! A’ve met this awfie kind laddie, his name is Saul. He ended up saving ma life from this ting that was coming fast at me, faster than onie horse and carriage cud. Onieweys aifter he rescued me I went back hame, weel… it used tae be ma hame. O’ faither they’ve changed oor hoose intae a place whar people buy tings. Aifter that Saul then took me to what he calls “A Den”. This place sae happens tae be grandfaither’s gairden but wi nae hoose. Aw faither I…I…I… dinnae ken hoo a shid feel. I feel like I want tae see mair but I just want tae go hame.

The place a’ve been staying at is grandfaither’s auld shed but tis foo of aw kind of new hingmys a’ve never seen afore. It has this wee clivver fluffy ting. I think tis cried an edok…no a enok, weel whatever it is, it protects me…I think. The shed is done in, the wood is aw broken an worn oot.

Saul has been showing me some modren day foods. He let me hae a taste o’ this sweet ting that was naethin like oniethin a’ve had afore. An there is aw this ither stuff I hivnae seen but they still hae aipples.

But the ting is… a miss ye faither an I want tae come hame. I miss awbody but maistlie ye. A just want ye tae come get me please.

Luve fae yer dochter, Agatha.

by Ethan MacMillan
(Balcurvie Primary School)

 Cruel Cancer

A mind the day whin a foon oot ma Grandad had cancer. A wis almost in tears. A wis mortified.

He got this big operation and they took oot yin hale lung. He fun it really hard tae breathe, so he got oxygen.

A couple o months later, he got a scan and he gor his results tae see if it wis aw gone. It wisnae! Sadly, there wis anither bit in the ither lung. We aw wur fair worried. He got telt that they'll dae everythin they can.

They took him tae this Radiotherapy Unit tae burn it awa. He went there every day fir a hale month. He got his results back aboot a month after and they said, 'It hasnae gone away!' It wis still the same size. They said that he wid hae tae come back in February fir anither scan tae see if it's got any bigger. If it's got bigger, they said he could have three months tae three years. But if it's the same size, they said he wid have tae live wae it, the rest o his life. A wis really worried. I didnae ken what I wid dae without him.

At least he's coughing less noo. They said that the radiotherapy must hae burnt his throat. He got tablets for it though. It's supposed tae make his throat better which is guid.

I hope it's guid news fae here oan in. A'll be fair pleased and happy if it is. He's been through so much. It's no fair on him. A ken a could never go through that much.

Ma Grandad's sae brave.

by Rachel Wilson
(Kirkcaldy High School)
A min the time

A min the time when ma maw and da split up. A wisnae in a guid place. A wis really doon for a while. A didnae like seein ma maw upset. A didnae see ma da for aboot six month. Then a went and seen um.

A min a wis stayin at ma pals the night they split up and a came hame the next mornin. Ma maw and granda wis sittin in the livin room and ma maw told me to sit doon. A wis wonderin whit wis up. A knew it wis sumin bad.

So she told me whit happened. A wis very sad. A just couldnae believe it. That sumin like whit ma maw told me wid happen would never have expected it.

A wis only ten at the time. Ma brother wis there that night tae. He wisnae happy either. It's nae guid hoo sum things stick in yer mind fae yer early years and they still hurt, years oan....

by Eliz Yigit
(Kirkcaldy High School)
Ma Gran's Death

A min' the day when ma gran died. It wiz the saddest day o ma life. A wiz devastatit. A couldnae believe it wiz the day A got hame fae Ardroy. She managed ti stay alive till A got back.

Ma Gran hiz made a big difference in my life and A cannae believe she's gone. She wis 85 and she wid be 89 year auld this year.

A wiz nae tae chuffed tae go tae her funeral. Hinkin back, A wiz bawlin ma eyes oot. A wiz greetin and wished that she wid come back, even jist fir a day. A wid be grateful and A wid never firget it.

She wiz ma best pal. A loved her tae bits. A still cannae believe she's gone. She wiz the best gran that A've ever hid and she wiz aways a happy and cheerful lassie. Aw her pals wur sad that she wiz gone tae and ma Grandad bocht ma Gran's best pal flooers and choclits tae say thanks for aw that she did wae helpin ma Gran and visitin her when she wiz in hospital.

She made a big difference tae ma life. A'm awfie grateful fir every second o it. And A couldnae ask fir a better Gran. She wiz a braw lassie and a braw wummin. A will aways remember her smile.

by Morgan Lee
(Kirkcaldy High School)

Never Forget 'Im

A min that day, saddest day o ma life. It wis when ma Grandad died. Me and 'im were close. A didnae git tae say gidbye. A ainly saw 'im the weekend afore. Aw A kent wis that ma dad would be in pieces. A couldnae imagine losin 'im. A try and remember the gid times like whin we went tae Edinburgh wi 'im. That wis a gid day. Whin ma mum came and tauld me A wis shocked, started greetin A did.

A didnae know what tae hink. Then again A wis ainly little. At times A wish he wis here. He aways made me laugh. A still remember when we wid go tae their hoose. Every Sunday we wid go. A miss goin. A dinnae really see ma gran a lot.

Weel, noo years on A still remember that day. Still try and remember the bonnie times. Even though that day wis dreary. A ken ma dad still misses 'im a lot and me? A will never forget aboot 'im and the guid times.

by Zoe Wilson
(Kirkcaldy High School)