Bungee - Schuil
Gaun tae the Big Schuil

A min the day when A wis in Primary Schuil and it wis comin up fir Induction Days at oor new High Schuil.

A mind when the office lassie came roond and wis like, you aw need tae git yir letters in fir the high schuil visit, or ye willnae git in! That jist pit the fear up meh, even mair. A wis fair petrified tae go up this massive schuil wae pure hunners o pupils in it. A thocht aw the first years got their heids pit doon the toilet and hated the thocht o meetin new pals and teachers. A thocht aw the teachers were gonnae be richt moody and strict.

A mind o gettin dropped aff and ma Ma sayin, "See you later, son." A walked into the main entrance feelin seek. Some ae ma pals wur comin tae meh and sayin, "Whaur dae ye need tae go?" That made me feel much better, knowin that A hud ma pals tae show meh aboot. We aw had tae meet oor new buddies wha were bigger weans and they took us tae the Assembly Haw. It wis a muckle big room. We aw got tae meet a few o oor teachers and A made some pals and aw.

A mind eh goin up and it wisnae as bad as A thocht as A made new pals easy enough, and A still get oan wae maist eh the teachers, so it's no aw bad.

by Matthew Lafferty
(Kirkcaldy High School)

Bullyin Battles

Ah mind the day whin ma Maw and ma Da went intae school. A used tae get bullied. It wis horrible. A wis aye scared. A felt awfie lonely. A never liked it. Naebody likes gettin bullied, tae be honest.

A kept it aw tae ma sel. A didnae tell ma Maw cause A wis tae scared tae. A wis sad fir weeks on end.

Wan nicht A sat oan the edge o ma bed weepin. Ma Maw came in tae mak share A wis alright. A told her whit wis goin on. The nixt day ma Maw and Da went in tae school. They sat doon wae the heidie and spoke aboot whit wis happenin. They wur angry like bit in the end it wis awricht.

The teacher went tae git the boys who were bullyin me. She telt them no tae dae it again.

After that day A never got cawed names and A wisnae punched and ma hair never got pulled again.

A'm just glad A telt ma Maw, as she helped me tae deal wae it and sortit it aw oot. Ma life at school wis much better after aw that.

by Isla Roy
(Kirkcaldy High School)