Bungee - Dominie

Mr H

Ma favourite teacher wis Mr Hutcheson fae Fair Isle Primary School. His real name is Steven Hutcheson, but maist ae us jist cawed him Mr H. He wis ma Primary 5 and Primary 7 teacher.

A will tell ye why A mind him because afore gaun tae Primary 5 A hid tae move schools fae Dunearn Primary School tae Fair Isle Primary. A hid this Induction Day sort ae hing and he wis ma teacher on the Induction Days. We were learnin aboot America and the 44 presidents afore Trump came intae the White Hoose this year. (Oh, wait! Back tae five year ago!) The best hing A mind aboot him wis his Playstation 2 and when we aw feenished oor work, we got tae play it.

Also there wis a really interestin project he did wi us and that wis buildin a concentration camp oot ae materials we had at school.

His appearance wis interestin. He had guid facial structure, maistly wore a Dundee United tap, had short hair, and a strang build.

He had a few hobbies like fitbaw coachin and he like tae watch Dundee United play. He played fitbaw himsel and he wis a guid player tae. He wis also a PE teacher afore becomin a normal teacher.

Overaw, he wis ma favourite teacher because he let us oot tae play whenever we finished aw oor work.

by Gavin Cook
(Kirkcaldy High School)


Mrs Hood wiz ma Primary 3, 6 and 7 teacher. She wiz a pure belter ae a wummin.

Vicky wiz whit the ither teachers cried her when the weans werenae there.

A first met her in Primary 3. She wiz a grand teacher. She wis so funny. We aye got tae dae lots o fun things wae her. Mrs Hood had us back in Primary 6 which she wanted as ma class wiz really funny which she jist loved.

Vicky had lang-ish dark hair wi choclit broon een. She wid eyways wear awfie braw dresses wae black tights and flat shoes. She wiz in her thirties wae yin wean who is at High School. Mrs Hood wiz quite tall. A remember her showin us some holiday photos wae her daughter and husband. Oor haill class kent whit he looked like. We never met him though. Mrs Hood never wore glesses. She also couldnae speak very guid French, so whenever we learned French we hud anither French teacher, or we wid aw try tae dae it thegither which wis really funny.

After kennin her for sae lang and havin her three times, a hae a load o funny memories.

A remember yince in Primary 7, me and some o ma freends were sittin at a table drawin and a wis speakin tae Mrs Hood. She sat in the seat across fae me and as we wur speakin, her seat startit tae slowly go doon. We were both confused. Soon it got doon tae the groond and the seat broke. Everybody that wiz in the class wiz laughin but at the time not mony people were in the class as they were dain ither things - but it wiz still really funny.

A no sae guid memory a hae is when she wiz shoutin at maist o the boys in ma class because they were eyways talkin or bein daft.

A hae sae mony guid memories. A always enjoyed primary as she made it such fun. Overall, a had a great time and a got taught loads over aw the years a had her. She wiz really guid at maths. A learnt a lot fae her and noo a really like maths, as a thought as was quite good.

She would always gie us guid things when we did guid work. A gained a couple o awards and that made me feel so happy.

A learnt a lot fae Mrs Hood.

by Jodie Graham
(Kirkcaldy High School)
Mrs A

Mrs A wiz ma Primary 1 teacher and she wiz a pure grump ae a wummin.

A took a first look at hir and a didnae like whit a seen. She wiz a giant. She wiz a witch wae gray black hair, green een and hir nose wiz like a cliff. She never hid any nice clase on - it oh looked like hame-mid stuff, oh flooers and green, no braw at oh. Everyhing just hinged on hir. She wizna braw. She nivir said a gid hing aboot me, bit then naebudy hid said anyhing nice aboot hir.

Oh a hiv gid tae say aboot hir wiz on a Friday ifternoon she wid let us day wit she wanted. Oh she did wiz moan, bit we oh hid a barry time. A kid say a loat aboot no liking hir, like no geen us gowd stars whin we finished work and oh the eer classes did. Nae teacher liked her and they didnay speat ta hir. Oh she talked aboot wiz her cat. On and on aboot her wee baby - it wiz hir life. A dinna hink she lived wi anyone coz she didnay like talking a loat and ainly talked whin we wirnay daying wit we wir meant tae be daying.

A mind whin oh ma pals wir gan ti the Acquarium and gan ti see oh the fish - and we got a day o work! She wiz pure shockin!

by Eryn Newsome
(Kirkcaldy High School)
Mrs Henderson

Lukin back A still recall that bonnie wee teacher Mrs Henderson. We aw cawed her Mrs H fir short.

A met her in Primary 6. She wis ma teacher fir twa year. She's an awfy braw lass. She's git lang broon hair, blue een as bricht as diamonds and she's quite smaw but she always luked awfy tall wi the heels she pit on day efter day. She's a guid teacher.

She aften sang oot tae the class and sumtimes sang wi us. Her voice wis pure bonnie. It wis a bonnie as the mornin sun. She always gied us a hand wi oor wirk, tae. Ah miss her. She's mairried noo and has a wee boy. And he's a bonnie wee lad.

She still wirks at Fair Isle. She aways made the class happy. She wis sae kind tae us and aw. Mrs Henderson also showed us hoo tae dance and sing. She taught us different vocals and she always made us sing in harmony. A mind yin Christmas she goat the class the gither tae dae a show. Some danced, some sang, some even played instruments. It wis a guid laugh.

A'll always mind eh her. She wis a gey special wummin.

by Isla Roy
(Kirkcaldy High School)
Mr Price

Lukin back A still recall that barry teacher Mr Price. He wiz a pure sound teacher ya know. He wid take us on his own time oot for fitbaw after schill. Whin a moved tae Torbain he wiz ma first teacher.

Whin a got tae Torbain a wiz pure anxious but he wiz there tay help me way ma wirk and tae make pals. Whin a got in a wee bit ae bother, he'd help me tae fix it or get me oot it.

That wiznae the only reason he wiz sound. He'd take us on trips fir fitbaw and fir wirk in schill. He wiz nae a tall teacher or a wee teacher. He wiz a bit chubby, hid nice hair and a guid style o clase and a big nose but that doesnae matter. He wiz one sound teacher.

by Rhys Puddifoot
(Kirkcaldy High School)