Facey Like Yours - Twa Sisters
Twa sisters, een room
Becus a hae a sister a hae a friend

Twa sisters, een room

She’s loud, I’m nae. She’s messy, I’m nae. She’s confident, I’m nae. Although we share share an affa lot o stuff, personalities isna ane.

She’d dee anything tae be centre o attention and mak folk watch her bit yir attention wid probably ariddy be drawn by i volume o fit she speaks at. She’s iways singin n loupin aboot I hoose. She’s iways full o life n it’s a surprise if yi iver hear her it peace. Even fan she sleeps I still hear her mumbliin awa tae herself. But me, I’m the opposite, or at least at’s the way a see masel as. I’d dee anything tae nae be centre stage or in front of a crowd. I hate being in front o audiences, even jist speakin in a sma group o people thit I dinna kane. No, she’d yap awa tae them happily. She’s quite social, iways needin to be oot we her pals but me I like jist relaxin by maself ivery noo n again. Bit I suppose not iverybody is thi same are the?

I’m the neat n tidy ane. Athin his tae be placed neatly, presented neatly. Ma bed iways his tae be made, tucked in a neatly, that is a must. Ma desk in oor room is neat. Athin placed perfectly. Ma wardrobe i same, claiths neatly in piles, makeup arranged neatly roon aboot. It’s almost as though thi room is split in half half i time: half neat, half messy. But, she hates it. She’d much prefer if her bed wisna made at a, in wis left in a rummle a day lang. At jist drives me oor i edge. How can you nae want yir bed made? I ofen mak it for her jist to save i hassle bit at puts me in i bad books. Her wardrobe is neat fan she wants it tae be or mare likely fan I want it tae be! But maist o thi time I’d personally say it’s a sotter. Stuff awy!

A suppose you could say we do share some traits if yi think aboot it. We’re baith pretty musical. We’ve baith played i piano and noo we play i fiddle. We baith enjoy it and I suppose I could admit I wis a wee bit jealous it the speed she learnt tae play it at but she wid of heard me play it afore. Even wee thi fiddle we are still very different. She’s raced right through i grades but I moved slowly through them.

Noo she’s even beginning tae catch up we ma. I really dinna like standing or playin in front o folk bit she’d happily gee a wee concert tae anybody. If I wis gan tae I’d hiv tae go tae a different room n play fae there. She’s even gone and played solos it competitions but there is nae a chance at all you’d see me deein that. I’d quite happily go n play we a group o folk bit fan I wis her age I’d hide awa ahin abidy n if I wis lucky I hid masel right at the back. But no, she’d easily stan right at i front. A suppose we are actually almost the opposites o each other.

We are just the average normal sisters though I suppose even if we do share a room n hiv for eleven years since she wis born. So we’re bount tae hae the odd argument or twa! Or even the odd wee ongan joke.

It Christmas, me in ma breather teamed up tae wind her right up. The present we’d bought her wis a wrapped up n under i tree - thit wis glowin we i wee fairy lights n the unmatchin baubles ( the glass anes n the wee wooden mannies). We started a wee joke cause you kane how abidy his at one thing their feer o. Somin thit sends shivers doon yir spine fan you see it. Well for ma sister it's dogs. So withoot even thinkin aboot it ivery time in sync fan she went near I present, near i tree or in fact iny time she wis in the room “Woof” or a “we told you to be quiet”. It wound her right up. We found it affa funny but she didna think quite i same. But it's good fun sometimes!

Wee sisters are affa annoying maist o the time. Fit iver they dee it's iways as though they want tae wind yi right up. I mine fan we were wee n used tae play we thi dollies. We’d spen ages setting the game up n naming ivery doll wee hid. In eventually fan it came tae playin thi game. She’d turn roon n say she wisna needin tae play anymare. And I time fan we played, well tried tae play hide n seek. She wis countin and I wis hidin. Turns oot she wisna countin at a and I wis just hidin for i sake o it. I mine I wis freezing. So I suppose we’ve hid our fair turns.

For anybidy thit thinks we look similar, I really dinna see fan on earth they come fae. I’ve got dark hair, eyebrows, eyes. She’s got light.

We may be thought o tae be quite i same bit in actual matter o fact we’re nae. She's loud, I’m nae. She’s messy, I’m nae. We’re just two sisters thit share thi same room.

by Hope Sutherland
(Buckie High School)

Becus a hae a sister a hae a friend

Yur a wee rascal but a love yih.

Ih day a met yi a wis so chuffed ah hid ah wee sister and ad hid a wee pal tae play wee ma dollies and can iways be up tae mischief wee, cos ats fit yi dee fan yur wee. Yi git let off wee heeps, it's ace! Noo we hiv grown up it isna is fun is it use tae be, wish a cid go back tae the times we’d jist play mammies n daddies wee oor wee bairns oot on the street till mammie shouted us for denner and we’d baith race in tae git supper and we’d chuck it doon oor throats so we cid go back oot and play till the street lights come oan and we hid tae head hame for a shower afore bed time cus we hid school. I jist wish yi wis at young foriver cus a miss times like es; they wis the best.

Ah mind ih times we’d sit and play wee oor Barbies; we made wee hooses for em tae bide in, we use tae hae scraps ana fa wis haen fit Barbie. Mam musta cracked up it us cus at's just silly! Mind we iways left ih dollies hooses set up so we cud play wee em ih next day. Mind the dug wid iways come and wreck it though she’d skim her wee leggies across aahin. Use tae piss us off cus we wid hiv tae mak the hooses ah agen; wiz just hassle. Mam use tae crack up fan we put the Barbies in the bath cus the hair wid go aawye. We just thought it wis a pool for the Barbies it the time; it was the little things in life that satisfied us.

Yur nae just a sister tae ma yur ma best pal ana. We hiv good laughs ih gither, and I’d be so lost wee oot yi in ma life! For years ah ma life I’ve iways shared a room wee yi, but fan we move to our new hoose it will be different cus we’re getting separate rooms but am sure we can kip in one of our beds ih gither cus I’ll miss sharing wee yi . But a do hiv tae say am nae gan tae miss yur mess yi leave aawye. Tests ma patience fan yi dee at and fan yi hink yi cin git let aff we using ma clothes n ah ma makeup. There's nae chance. I dinna go oot tae work fir yi ti use ma stuff. Ah tell mam ana, in she disna hink nithin of it. It’s perfectly fine in her world! Different if it was yi using hers, she’d defiantly git pissed off! Yi divna even ask for shotty either, ah just see yi wee em oan.

Yur one of the funniest folk a kane. Yi niver fail tae mak ma laugh wee yir witty jokes that arna even funny sum times… Am nae gan tae lie. Bit am so proud the wye yi hiv grown up tae be an intelligent bonny quiney. Am jealous ah yur lang skinny legs and skinny tummy, in yur gorgeous lang blonde hair that a wid just love tae hae. A wish a hid a natural tan like you so a dinna need tae use the fake stuff ah use ah the time! Yur such a confident quiney, and your determined to try stuff oot. Yur like a dare devil. Ah hope yi grow up to have the best future iver cus yi defiantly deserve it and a hope yi find the love o yur life. Yur gan tae break a lot o herts cus you such a lovely quiney! Am thankful fur ah the memories we hiv hid over the years in there’s loads mare tae come; A go tae yi tae tik ma mind off stuff, if it wisna fur ma wee sister ah widna be as strong fan it comes tae speaking tae uthers. Yi kane ah ma secrets that a wid niver think in telling mam cus a kane yi can keep a secret cus a trust yi and you can help ma fan a need it. Having someone there helps ma a lot.

A cin only hope that yi mak the right choices in life. but I don’t hesitate tae say yi will cus yur a bright bairnie. I’ll always guide yi the right wye forward in I’ll give yi ah the advice ah can! Am always gan tae keep yi safe nae matter fit, if yi fall il iways pick yi up - fan a finish laughing. If yi iver mak mistakes in life yi hiv tae kane yi jist hiv tae learn fae them. We wis sisters by birth an pals by choice. Always mind a love yi the wye yi are and a widna ask for you ony other wye.

by Katie Wilson
(Buckie High School)