Dugs and Yeel - An Affa Fit

Me, The Affa Fit?

My aul-man aiwas tells ma
that I affa like to blaa.
In skweel I do weel
and I'm gey couthy ana.
Abdy thinks I'm confident
and whiles gey dominant.
Actually, I'm affa affa blate
and here I am on
English to Scots Translate.

by Ola Maj
(Banff Academy)                                                           

The Dress

Ma wee maw – she bought me a dress
It wiz bought to go oot alang wi oor Jess
Wiz pink an’ twirly wi a bow at the back
She must’ve got it aff the wean’s rack.
The frock was bowfin, mingin and clingin
I asked fur troosers – she said “Beggars canny be choosers”.
Noo I wiz stuck and I wiz howlin
Fur goodness sake – ma heid wiz poundin,
I couldnae get the thing oer ma bahookie,
An’ ah fell doon the stairs and noo ah’ve got a stookie!

by Morgan Amy Cummings
(Bellshill Academy)

Nae a Lauchin Game

The tears roll doon but turn intae fear,
I came hame shakin an burst intae tears,
In hope that en day I wull be free,
So the pain wull gang awa sae I can breathe,

The bullies stert lauchin,
But it’s nae a lauchin game,
But they jist think they are in the ha o fame,

The tables hiv turned,
But nae fir lang,
Because I wull be back struttin alang,

Even tho am fair tired,
I am nae wulling tae gie ower,
Tae be the better person,
An be true tae masel.

The tears roll down but turn into fear,
I come home shaking and burst into tears,
In hope that one day I will be free,
So the pain will go away so I can breathe,

The bullies start laughing,
But it’s not a laughing game,
But they just think they are in the hall of fame,

The tables have turned,
But not for long,
Because I will be back strutting along,

Even though I am tired,
I am not willing to give up,
To be the better person,
And be true to myself.

By Heidi Wilson
(Keith Grammar School)