Dugs and Yeel - Folk


Ma wee Granny Marion lived up in Newarthill
Wae ma wee Granda Joe and they never kept still.
She had white curly hair wi’ cheeks as rid as a rose,
Always dressing me up – wi’ curls an’ wi bows.
But then one day we got some bad news,
It left us roaming aboot singin’ the blues.
Aye Granny Marion wiz a great wee dancer
But that aw changed – when she got cancer.
June 14th 2013 – the day was sad and rid rotten,
But ma wee Granny up in the sky,
Will never ever be forgotten.                              

by Emma Bainbridge
(Bellshill Academy)                                                            


Ma freens are crackin
They're awiys there
They awiys care

Fit is a clock weeoot the tick tock
Fit is a bird weeoot its flock

Fit is a freen weeoot ony trust
Fit is a fairy weeoot ony fairy dust

Fit is glitter weeoot ony sparkle

Fit am I weeoot ma freens.

by Erin Toner
(Banff Academy)

It's Affa Good To Be A Faermer

Ye going doon to yer cattle in yer faerm
Ye bin doon oer for fower generations
Gales battered yer windas
The loon warks on the tractor affa lang
It's affa good to be a faermer

Ay winter comes
Ye tuck up yer cattle and yer loons

Every day is hard enough.
Ye'r houpin every day will get easier,
But ye dae it fer yer faemily

It's affa good to be a faermer

by Lee Goodwin
(Banff Academy)

The Twa All Buggers

It was an affa bonnie day oot in the fields.

There were twa all buggers haein a gab.

Ma wee dug was oot playin.
It went o'er to the all buggers and dug a hole.

Een o the buggers kicked it in the side.
It yelped and scurried awa.

Then twa gray dugs came aroon.
The all buggers took to their heels as these gray dugs ran efter them.

The twa dugs caught up to them and ripped them tae shreds.

The twa all buggers went hame wioot their claes.

by James Munro
(Banff Academy)