Dugs and Yeel - Hame

Ayr toon

Goin doon, doon a toon, an Ayr toon,
What dae ye see in Ayr,
A wee man wae his dug,
He's havin a snooze when he gets a tap at his lug,
It's his wee pal Jonny,
He's like "here you, where's my money?"
Then the guy wae the dug lucks
"Here you, this isnae funny, I'm only here for my money",
Up he gets wae his wee dug,
And the wee dug gies the guys hon a tug,
They sterted a fight,
But this wisnae awright,
Cause doon come the polis
In their hefty van
He picks up the dug and picks up the man
That's them away in that hefty van

by Ainslie Bryden
(Ayr Academy)
- inspired by Hamish MacDonald

Listen to Ayr Toon read
by Ainslie Bryden here


My hometoon is a bonnie place
It ayeways brings a smile tae my face
Ordiquhill is a place o grace.

The timber smells o fresh pine
The smells tak ye back tae yer childhood
A time fan everything wis peaceful and fine.

Ancient buildings fae years ago,
Guairded by dragons,
Sae fierce.
But watch yer solemn, danderin feet
for the number o different creatures that roam.

The rollin hills
wi sheep, coos and goats
mak a bonnie sicht tae see.

Ordiquhill will forever be in ma hairt
Wi its silent forest walks and its bonnie sichts
Ye'll lose time in Ordiquhill
Starin at the nicht sky.

In yer ain wee bubble
Silently watchin the sun set
Ower the Knockhill.

by Katie McKay
(Banff Academy)

Fitehills harbour

Bonnie Fitehills harbour,
Far there's heaps to dee.
Boys are gan fishing,
Girls play on the quay

Paddlin in oor dookers,
Until we get the cal.
Eatin chips and slushies
On the harbour wa.

by Kayla Watt
(Banff Academy)


Portsoy is a cal place
It's a bit in your face.
It's a wee toon
You won't leave wi a froon
All you can see
Is the sea.
A lot o us hae Irn Bru
But nae a lot o coos.
There is much rain
But there's nae as much lanes.
Niver mind aboot fit folk wear
and if you do try nae tae stare.
It's filled wi fishin boats
that are mostly built to float.
Awa they go for their next catch
Time tae pit doon i hatch.

by Marco Davidson
(Banff Academy)