Dugs and Yeel - The Fower Seasons

The Fower Seasons


The windae pane is coated wi frost
Sna and souch came tae cross


Bourachie o songbirds sing
As winter's gan noo. It's spring.


The girss sae green
The wither sae keen


The warm sun is faain
The bleak souch is caain

by Nicole Thain
(Banff Academy)                                                

Winter mornin

Cauld an raw the north win blows,
thro the bare tree
Snawflakes fall oan tae ma wellies,
giein thaim a guid keek
There's naebdy else aboot,
jist me an ess dug o mine
Ma dug pure loves a guid donder the morn's mornin
Ma wellies an his pas crunch oan the blanket o snaw
beneath us
Tis sae crakin aff hoolin in this snaw
Shocked tis nae showerin wi smirr!

by Bethany King
(Banff Academy)

Simmer's a the sam

In Win'er it's cald,
In Autumn it's wundie,
In Spring it's weet,
Simmer's a the sam.

The snaw nivver cams
On cald win'er's days,
We a froze o'er,
Simmer's a the sam.

Autumn blew us awa,
A the way to Turra,
Trees feel doon,
Simmer's a the sam.

Rain was weet,
Tae weet for me,
Spring almost drooned us,
Simmer's a the sam.

Simmer's sin is rerr,
Nae heat for ma heid,
Wither's nivver good,
That's Scotland for ya!

by Dean Murray
(Banff Academy)

The whisperin breeze wis here tae bide
Movin aimlessly thro the coontless trees
Scatterin leaves wi the greatest o ease
The leaves whirled freely in every way
Til at lest thay cam tae rest
Findin a haven in whilk tae nest
The trees wur dormant an the leaves lay waitin
Fur the winter snaw tae fa

by Aimee Watt
(Banff Academy)


The year wis 2010 and the wither wis affa fine but affa drookit at i same time. It started wi a blenter at the start o the year, time ti fly the kites, beautiful sights. It wis affa fine for the quines n loons flyin their kites ti the moon.

But if it's too windy dinna go oot. You'll be blawn awa like a spoot.

Fan it is rainin dinna go oot. You'll get drookit doon ti yer foot.

If there's a bonnie day mak it coont because in Scotland there is niver a simmer cowt.

You'll niver get sweltrie or uncomfortably hot by the time you ken it you'll get caught.

By rain or by wind it disnae really matter because ony season you'll get a nature plowter.

Later on you'll get a skirl a high pitched sound of a strang wind the wither in Scotland is one o a kind.

Last o aa you'll build a snaw mannie but the next day he will go awa, aa the winter has left is a couple black buttons on the fleer far a smiling face once was. But you'll niver see it again because the day is gone because of the wither a turn o seasons, wioot giving anyone a reason to have fun or no.

It disna matter because the wither has no plot.

by Kyle Parks
(Banff Academy)

Weenter in Gamrie

Weenter weenter fan the fishin is deen
and there's nae a beastie ti be seen.
The boaties are in and the clock is ahin.
The sales are startin and sae is weenter, tee.

Weenter weenter the snow his started.
It is gushin fearsome mad. The bairns are chuckin
snabas and the gritter is gain bain the road.

Weenter weenter on Christmas day. The turkey is roosted
and the fire is hait. There is plinty o food and plinty ti ate.

by Anonymous
(Banff Academy)