Dugs and Yeel - Yeel


As the snaw gracefully fas doon
Ye can barely hear a soond
It's ayeweys cald and wundie
Queerlike lik de rael yeel

Lack tae git de praisent free
An pit de yeel tree oot
Sae muckle wirk tae do
Dinna ken whar tae stert

Best ting aboot yeel is familie
Spendin tid wi familie
Having denner wi familie
Sharing seil wi familie

by Indre Pyragaite
(Banff Academy)

Christmas Time

Fit a size at tree is.
Lichts glentin awa
Hooses reedy for i necht
Santa Claus winna ge ya a fricht

Sna fas doon i lum
Chillin the al grannie's bum
Mindins under i tree
For a i bairns ti see

Fit a tid it is
A reedy for i biz.

by Aidan Gallon
(Banff Academy)